RolandMack[Book: Benno Stieber – 2014 – 14x21cm – 212 Pages – Few colour photos]. “Play hard, work hard” the inversion of the well-known expression has become a motto for Roland Mack, founder of Germany’s largest theme park. Since opening in 1975, Europa-Park (Rust, Germany) has grown, flourished, diversified, and now breaks industry records for excellence. What is the secret of this unparalleled success? This is a portrait of the indefatigable entrepreneur, and discloses facts about the early days of Europa-Park, the incredible success, the energy and the visions that drive Roland Mack. It tells of the objectives and dreams that he still wants to achieve and the difficulties he’s experienced balancing business and family time. It’s a very personal insight into an extraordinary life and the phenomenon that is Europa-Park. Chapter Points: The Park of Dreams; The Mack Principle; Seven Generations of Tradition; The Idea of Little Europe; Big Steps; Artificial Worlds; The Wide World is My Domain; Milestones 1870 to 2013; Awards and Prizes 1991 to 2014; Thanks and Pictures. (German script throughout).  ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.