RockyPointColouringBook[Book: Rocky Point Park – 1993 – 21x28cm – 36 Pages – B&W line drawings]. Rocky Point Park (Warwick, Rhode Island) is over 146 years old and still full of fun and good times. Over 30 Rocky Point rides and attractions are inside for you to colour. (sketches: Ferris wheel and balloons, Family fun, Tickets booth, Hamburger stall, Food, Carousel building, Corkscrew, Carousel lion, Carousel horse, Cyclone coaster, Rok ‘n Rol, Jolly Caterpillar, Rocky Point Express, Musik Express, House of Horrors, Rides’ signage, Spider, Freefall, Flume, Kiddie Swinger, Kiddie Cars, Rocky ‘maze’, Red Barron, Fun faces, Rhode Island Red +Violets, Horse > square, Rhode Island tee-shirt +birds, Providence map, Rutherford B. Hayes’ presidential phone call). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good for children.