RollerCoastersCoker[Book: Robert Coker – 2003 – 28x30cm – 144 Pages – Many colour photos]. With thousands of gravity-defying examples across the United States – and more continuously cropping up all over the world – roller coasters are the driving force behind the phenomenal success of amusement parks everywhere. An amusement park without a roller coaster is like a sports car without an engine. Chapter Points: I Scream Therefore I Am; Laying Down the Tracks – Roller Coaster History; Everybody Loves a Woodie – Wooden Coaster Rides; Hot Wheels on Steel Coasters; Extreme Machines; Aftershock; Appendix; Glossary. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.

  • Ed

    This is my favourite book of the modern roller coasters. I do enjoy Bobs writing he puts a lot personality into it.

  • Derek Sailors

    This book is fantastic. When you consider the history, the illustrations, the writing style as well as the great photos I consider this one of the best industry related book of all time. I run two industry related Facebook pages and one of them is a defunct park page. I was very curious as to what the parks were on pages 12 and 19 as there is no mention to the actual name and location of the park. I contacted Robert Cocker and he did not know. After some research I discovered that ‘both’ photos were of Fort George Amusement Park which was on the Harlem River in NYC. I have a 7 year old nephew and this is one of his favorite books as well. Highly recommend this one. I would go as high as a 9.5/10.

  • Björn Brändli

    This was my very first roller coaster book and, when it comes to photos, still one of the best! I’s writing style is easy and shows off some of the best rides and roller coaster campanies. It’s focussed on mainly US rides, but some of the more important rides worldwide are mentioned too.