DVD_RiverviewKingdomOfMagic[DVD: Kelleher, Russell, & Young – 1991 – 36 mins +bonus programme]. For 64 years from 1903 to 1967 on 72 acres of land in Chicago stood Riverview Park, the home to thrilling rides like the Bobs, the Fireball, the Shoot the Chutes and the Flying Turns, to name but a few. It was also home to more gentle rides and attractions, such as the Great Riverview Carousel and Aladdin’s Castle. In short, Riverview Park was a magical place and everyone from Chicago knew that and went there. On Labor Day in 1967, Riverview Park closed for the last time without fanfare. “Riverview Kingdom of Magic” was filmed by Clarence Hintze and George Berbert, it preserves those good times forever. Includes the 50-minute programme: ‘Amusement Park Memories’ which takes a nostalgic look at: Kennywood, West View Park, Willow Grove Park, Palisades Park, Idora Park, Meyers Lake Park, Coney Island Cincinnati and Coney Island New York. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Two wonderful programmes. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.