RideThatRollerCoaster![Book: Richard and Louise Spilsbury – 2015 – 19x24cm – 52 Pages – Full colour]. Featuring free-fall rides, waterslides, and bumper cars, Ride That Roller Coaster! reveals the forces at work in amusement parks. Experience all the fun of the fair as you find out what happens to a falling object, discover g-force, and see for yourself how forces act on eager thrill-seekers. Chapter Points: What Draws People to the Park?; Why Do I Feel Lighter as I Fall? (+activity: Weightless Water); How Do I Slide So Fast?; Am I Going to Fly Off This Ride?; How Does a Roller Coaster Work?; What Happens in a Loop-the-Loop? (+activity: Loop-the-Bucket); What Roller Coaster Features Are There?; How Do Bumper Cars Work? (+activity: Floating Bumper Cars); How Does a Simulator Ride Work?; Can I Have Thrills without Spills?; Did You Feel the Force?; Quiz; Glossary; Find Out More; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent for older children.