HarryTraverLegendsOfTerror[Book: Richard Munch – 1982 – 20x26cm – 176 Pages – Many B&W photos] Chapter Points: Foreword (by June Traver Schetterer); Introduction (by Robert Cartmell); Traver – The Man; Traver – The Company; Traver – The Machines; Bobs at Riverview Park; Cyclone at Revere Beach; Thunderbolt at Savin Rock; Jazz Railway at Rocky Glen Park; Sesquicentennial Cyclone in Philadelphia; Cyclone at Crystal Beach; Lightning at Revere Beach; Cyclone at Palisades Park; Airplane at Playland; Cyclone Racer at Long Beach; Cyclone at the Century of Progress; Zip at Oaks Park; Traver – Potpourri; A Look at the Past; American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.

  • Derek Sailors

    This book was on my top wish list books out there. Thankfully a friend got it for me for a Christmas gift. I was not disappointed. I would loved to have had the thrill of being part of a Traver coaster. The book covers all of them putting the main focus on some of his most famous, the Crystal Beach Cyclone, the Riverview Bobs and the Cyclone Racer. Some great photos and tons of information. The book also goes into other coaster that might have been influence by Traver or maybe even designed by him but there is not enough evidence out there to back it up. While this book is not a perfect 10 it is one I recommend and I am glad that I have it in my collection. I rate it a 8.5/10.

  • RCML

    I understand that since this book was first published, it has emerged that Harry Guy Traver was much more a roller coaster builder than a designer. In short, the coasters he erected were designed by others. Nevertheless, this is indeed a superb book. Thank you for sharing your opinions, Derek.