DVD_ReturnToNorumbega[DVD: Remember Productions – 2005 – 50 mins]. This is the remarkable story of Norumbega Park (Newton, Massachusetts), and the Totem Pole Ballroom. In its heyday, the park was a prime recreational site for patrons of all ages. This presentation is the work of the late Bob Pollock, a Norumbega enthusiast who spent more than a decade documenting the park’s rich history. Come take a ride upon the Dentzel carousel, Ferris wheel, tumble bug, and circle swing. Enjoy a game of pinball in the penny arcade, and stroll around the zoo and gardens. Norumbega Park 1897-1963. ANDY SHINE SAYS: A superb look back at the trolley park era, capturing the changing trends of the time. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.