VHS_WestViewPark[VHS: Kelleher, Russell, & Young – 1991 – 47 mins]. In 1905, T.M. Harton and Fred Henninger leased 18.5 acres of swamp-land on the Belle Vue trolley loop to build West View Amusement Park. For 71 years West View provided generations of Pittsburghers with fond memories of family and school picnics, ‘Danceland’ evenings and who could forget the laughter and screams from the amusement rides? See once more the Dips; the midway Carousel; the Racing Whippet; Kiddieland; Talkie Temple and the Haunted House. West View Park’s decline and demise was due to lost patronage and increasing pressure of real estate value over entertainment value. Only the photographs and memories now remain. This historical film recaptures the life and times of this Pittsburgh institution. Return with us once more to rediscover the excitement. (Also available on DVD including two bonus programmes). ANDY SHINE SAYS: A thoroughly researched informative programme about a park long gone. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.