PostCardsFromChippewaLakePark[Book: Robert E. Gardner – 2016 – 20x25cm – 188 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “Post Cards from a Departed Friend – A Pictorial Post Card Diary of Chippewa Lake Park Ohio, 1878-1978. Chippewa Lake Park (Medina, Ohio) had been in business since the 1880s. The Beach family, Mac and his son Parker, had owned it for most of that time. Then in 1969 Parker sold it. Nine years later the new owners shut it down and left, leaving everything just as if it had closed for the night. Just like the ghost towns of the west, overnight it was deserted… For over 30 years the park sat waiting for someone to buy it and make it go again, but it was not to happen… This is the story of Chippewa Lake Park, from its start to its reclamation by nature.” Selected Chapter Points: Foreword – Post Card Collections of Chippewa Lake Park; Thoughts and Reflections on Chippewa Lake; Map of Chippewa Lake and Park; Chippewa Lake Park Timeline; Lake; Cottages; Beach Bathhouse; Boating; Inlet and Outlet; Park Entrance; Midway; Rides; Pier; Stands; Hotel; Dance Hall; Picnic Pavilion; Picnic Grove; Parker Beach; Ghost Park; Maps of Lake Station or Chippewa Lake the Town; Outdoor Stage – Death of a Clown; The Town; Postscript. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.