DVD_ACarouselOfMemories[DVD: Pennsylvania Public Television Network – 2005 – 60 mins]. Through old photographs and film, we’ll revisit the exciting Castle Garden, where the big bands played. The often forgotten Central Park in Allentown rivalled Dorney with its thrilling Skyclone coaster. In Reading, folks flocked to Carsonia Park. Willow Grove Park was once the crown jewel of Pennsylvania amusements. In Easton, the Hay trolley line led to Bushkill Park, which still maintains its nostalgic family charm. And in the 1940s, we take the small train through the exquisite gardens of Willow Park. Experience the golden age of Pennsylvania amusement parks. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Also mentions short-lived Pendora Park. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.