DVD_PCNPhiladelphiaTobogganCoasters[DVD: Pennsylvania Cable Network – 1998 – 50 mins]. Tom Rebbie (PTC Manager) is our host, as he guides us through each stage of roller coaster car/train manufacture from the PTC (Lansdale, Pennsylvania). Witness each part being machined: wheels and assemblies, articulated chassis, safety dogs, anti-rollback ratchets and brake fins. See car assembly right up until they’re placed in the showroom ready for shipping to destinations all over the world. Our host also touches on the history of the PTC Company, and explains how the business has grown, diversified and prospered from their days as a manufacturer of carousels, to today as a maker of roller coaster rolling stock and other amusement park items. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Filmed on location, the shots are unsteady; however, this does not distract from the subject matter. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.