DVD_PCNKennywood[DVD: Pennsylvania Cable Network – 2002 – 29 mins]. Mary Lou Rosemeyer (Kennywood’s Public Relations Manager) is our host, as she guides us through Kennywood Park (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). The history of the park is discussed, covering significant milestones and past and present rides and attractions. Old Mill; Skycoaster; Jack Rabbit (wooden coaster); Racer (wooden coaster); Log Jammer (flume); Picnic Groves; Aero 360 (looping ride); Kiddieland Rides; Pagoda Refreshment Stand; Auto Race; Miniature Railroad; Laffing Sal; Parkside Cafe; Carousel; Kangaroo Ride; Noah’s Ark; Lost Kennywood; Shoot The Chutes; Wave Swinger; Whip; Freefall Ride; Exterminator (indoor/dark coaster); Arcade Games; Pirate Ship; Enterprise Wheel; Turtle Chase; Thunderbolt (wooden coaster); The Phantom’s Revenge (steel coaster); Turnpike Ride. ANDY SHINE SAYS: The shots are unsteady; however, this does not distract from the subject matter. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.