DVD_PCNIdlewild-Soakzone[DVD: Pennsylvania Cable Network – 2002 – 32 mins]. Jerome Gibas (Idlewild & Soakzone’s General Manager) is our host, as he guides us through Idlewild & Soakzone (Ligonier, Pennsylvania). The history of the park is discussed, covering significant milestones and past and present rides and attractions. Story Book Forest attractions; Jumping Jungle (adventure area); Puppet Show; Picnic Area; Haunted Swing; Auto Ride; Hand-Car Ride; Auto Race; DoodleBug; Miniature Turtle; Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make-Believe; Soakzone (water park); Spin Rides; Sweet Treets Store; Satellite Ride; Rollo Coaster (wooden coaster); Wild Mouse (steel coaster); Caterpillar; Waffle Cone Stand; PTC Carousel; The Auditorium; Ferris Wheel. ANDY SHINE SAYS: This was pleasant to watch, and reasonably informative. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.