DVD_PCNDutchWonderland[DVD: Pennsylvania Cable Network – 2002 – 41 mins]. Chris Barrett (Dutch Wonderland’s Assistant General Manager) is our host, as he guides us through Dutch Wonderland (Lancaster, Pennsylvania). The history of the park is discussed, covering significant milestones and past and present rides and attractions. The Castle; Miniature Train; Themed Scenes; Off-Road Rally Ride; Frog Hopper; River Boat; Gardens; Sky Ride; Joust (junior steel coaster); Diving Show; Turnpike Ride; Astro-Liner; Voyager Simulator Ride; Sky Fighter; Old ’99; Castle Cafe; Giant Slide; Sky Princess (wooden coaster); ‘Lancaster, Pennsylvania’ Museum. ANDY SHINE SAYS: An enjoyable tour through the kiddie-oriented park and its attractions. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.