Pendora[Book: Paul A. Druzba – 2015 – 15x23cm – 280 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. “In 1907, a lavish new trolley park suddenly appeared in Reading, Pennsylvania. An old ice dam in East Reading was transformed into a spectacular “White City” called Pendora Park. This is the story of how this beautiful, but short-lived amusement park rose and fell in only a few years, and how the people of East Reading fought to turn the remains into a place for them to enjoy and their kids to play. Loaded with pictures and filled with stories of struggle, glory, disappointment and hope, “Pendora” is a must-read for every current and past resident of Reading, and anyone interested in amusement parks.” Chapter Points: Introduction; History of the Trolley Park; The Mt. Penn Gravity; Neversink Mt. Railroad; Carsonia Park; Central Park; The Wooden Ducks; Miller’s Family Park; A Baseball Field, Right?; Pendora’s Beginnings; The War of the Trolley Parks; White City; Opening Day; Monkey See; 1907; 1908; Sham Battles; Cannstatter; Arrowsmith; 1909; 1910; 1911–The Fire; The Reading Zoo; The Association; Real Plans; A Pool and Rutchie for Tillers; Times are Tough Again; Happy Days Are Here Again; Long Awaited Wading Pool; A Bangless Fourth; 1950; Irma & Ruth Epler; Back To The Future; The Denglers/Omega Club; How Big Is Pendora Anyway?; Gallery; Concrete Stage Answer; Acknowledgements; Tying Up Loose Ends. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.