ButtesPrideColumbiaGardens[Book: Pat Kearney – 1994 – 21x28cm – 132 Pages – Many B&W, Some colour photos]. Copper king William Clark built the Columbia Gardens (Butte, Montana) shortly after he purchased land east of Butte in 1899. In a short period of time Clark constructed one of the most elegant parks in the history of the United States. The park featured gorgeous floral designs, unique equipment, a magnificent dance pavilion, amusement rides, and more. The park was closed to pave the way for mining in 1973. During its 74 years of operation, the park provided many wonderful hours of enjoyment for patrons. The Columbia Gardens was more than just an amusement park for Butte residents; it was a way of life. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.

  • Derek Sailors

    This book is another one of those books with the personal small town style writing that i enjoy. Yes it had a few grammar and type mistakes but I don’t care at all. It has a great mixture of photos scattered throughout the book with descriptions on the photos which I like. The book also goes into great details about the plans for a Columbia Gardens II and and beyond. I learned from the book that the park was a great and important garden as well. Although this book is not a perfect ten it is well worth adding to your collection. I will rate this one a 7.5/10.