DVD_ParksFromThePast2[DVD: Sharpshooters Productions, Inc. – 2008 – 55 mins]. (2 of 2). Showcasing: Riverview Park (Des Moines, Iowa) with roller coaster POV. Pacific Ocean Park (Santa Monica, California) closed, with shots of the Sea Serpent coaster. The Pike (Long Beach, California) closed. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (California) with Giant Dipper POV. Belmont Park (San Diego, California) with Giant Dipper POV. Excelsior Park (Minnesota) with Cyclone POV. Silver Beach (St. Joseph, Michigan) with Comet POV. LeSourdsville Lake Park (Middletown, Ohio) with Space Rocket POV. Coney Island (Cincinnati, Ohio) with Shooting Star POV and Teddy Bear footage. Coney Island (New York) with Cyclone, Thunderbolt and Tornado POV. Euclid Beach Park (Cleveland, Ohio) with Thriller, Flying Turns and Racing Coaster POV, and other rides. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Rare footage indeed. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.