WillowGroveParkIoA[Book: Old York Road Historical Society – 2005 – 16x23cm – 128 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Willow Grove Park (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) opened on Decoration Day 1896 and drew crowds by the thousands. It was estimated that over one million people visited the park during its first season of operation. One of the primary goals of the Park’s management was to provide and maintain a civilised and enlightened cultural atmosphere. Over the years, management spent significant sums of money building new rides and replacing those that had gone out of favour. Most of the rides were located along the midway, and the Thunderbolt roller coaster was built to satisfy. Chapter Points: On the Way to Willow Grove; Beginnings 1895-1904; Heyday 1905-1925; Interlude and Reprise 1926-1953; Renaissance and Decline 1954-1975; Epilogue 1976-2005. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.

  • Derek Sailors

    I find Andy’s rating a bit weak on this one. This book starts with some great history detail and photos about the trolley trip from Philadelphia. Then it does a great job of the history of the park. I love the wide shots and aerial photos. Those type of photos rate high on my list. Tons of ride and coaster photos. Some good lake, garden and fountain photos as well. This is one of my favorite IOA amusement park series books. I give it a 8.5/10.

    • RCML

      Andy Shine’s rating has been modified from “Good” to “Good / Recommended” on the basis of your feedback D.S. Thank you for your comments – much appreciated.