TheWorldsColumbianExposition[Book: Norman Bolotin & Christine Laing – 2002 – 22x28cm – 168 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Held from April to October 1893, this monumental event welcomed 28 million visitors, covered 600 acres of land, boasted dozens of architectural wonders, and was home to some 65,000 exhibits from all over the world. From far and wide, people came to experience the splendours of the fair, to witness the magic sparkle of electric lights and to ride the world’s first Ferris wheel, known as the Eiffel Tower of Chicago. Chapter Points: Planning and Building the World’s Columbian Exposition; A Grand Tour of the White City; The Exhibits and Attractions; A Week at the Fair; Epilogue; Acknowledgements; Bibliography; Index; Photo credits. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.