FerrisWheelsAnIllustratedHistory[Book: Norman Anderson – 1992 – 21x28cm – 408 Pages – Many B&W photos and diagrams]. The Ferris wheel, perhaps more than any other amusement ride, symbolises all that is magic about amusement parks and county fairs. The Ferris wheel lifts young and old alike for never -to- be forgotten views, and passengers never forget their first ride on the “Queen” of the midway. Selected Chapter Points: Secrets of the Past; America’s Early Wheels; The Star of the Columbian Exposition; Wheels and Expositions, A Hundred-Year-Old Love Affair; From Astro Wheels to Zippers; Ferris Wheels – A Chronology; Ferris Wheel Patents and Components. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.