UniversalOrlandoStory[Book: Nick Sim – 2013 – 14x22cm – 302 Pages – Few B&W photos]. Take a look at the unofficial story behind Universal Orlando, the world’s most thrilling theme park resort. This book goes behind the scenes to reveal how the incredible ground-breaking rides at Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure were created: ­from Kongfrontation (how was King Kong’s banana breath created?), to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (what are the rocks underneath Hogwarts Castle made of?). Whatever your questions about Universal Orlando Resort, this book has the answers! Enjoy an adventure through time as you discover how Universal Orlando developed into a place that has entertained tens of millions of people over more than two decades. Chapter Points: Acknowledgements; Foreword; A ravenous rat; Giant apes, murderous sharks and cuddly aliens; A real-life disaster; Doc Brown to the rescue; I’ll be back; Through the Port of Entry; Islands of desertion; Alien Attack; Hollywood East; The most terrifying event on earth; The Wizarding World; Investment and optimism. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.