DVD_NationalLampoonsVacation[DVD: Warner Home Video – 1983 – 94 mins]. The Griswolds have planned their vacation in painstaking detail, from their Chicago home to the wonders of Walley World fun park in California. Hilarity soon ensues, not least with a toe-curling rendition of Walley World’s National Anthem: ♫Who’s the moosiest moose we know? Marty Moose! Who’s the star of our favourite show? Marty Moose! ‘M’ is for merry, we’re merry, you see. ‘O’ is for ‘O’gosh! ‘O’golly! ‘O’gee! ‘S’ is for super-swell family glee. ‘E’ is for everything you want to be… M-A-R-T-Y – M-O-O-S-E. What’s that spell? Marty Moose, Marty Moose, Marty Moose! That’s me! (moose laugh)♫ [with optional subtitles]. ANDY SHINE SAYS: The final 15 minutes sees Magic Mountain (California) as ‘Walley World.’ The characters ride Colossus (renamed: Screemy Meemy) and Revolution (renamed: Whipper Snapper). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.