NAPHA225[Magazine Vol.38/No.3: 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: L.L. Custer “Zoomer” (1 page: the 1926 “Zoomer” at Euclid Beach Park). Harry Traver’s “Trick Coaster” (2 pages: the 1925 Jazz Railway at Rocky Glen Park). Bygone amusements (coaster photos from 1981: Skyliner at Fair Park, Comet at Funway Park, Starliner at Miracle Strip, Tornado at Petticoat Junction, Bat at Kings Island, Roaring Tiger at Circus World, Shooting Star at Lakeside Park, These United States at Sun Fun, Dips at Buckroe Beach, and Big Beast at Edgewater Park). Odds and Ends (4 pages: the rides of Osteria Ai Pioppi in Italy, Wunderland Kalkar in Germany, Salina Turda in Romania, the ‘House Tour’ roller coaster in the Netherlands, and other proposed parks and rides). Looking back to 1926 (a snapshot of coasters opening that year). Haunting memories (photos: “Foolish House” at Ontario Beach Park, “Bug House” at Riverview Park in Chicago, “Fatal Wedding” at Wonderland Park in Massachusetts, and the “Noah’s Ark” and “Rainbow Wheel” at Blackpool Pleasure Beach). Skyscrapers… New and Old (The proposed Skyplex Orlando and the Skyscraper coaster at the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair). International Amusements (photos: “Le Toboggan” at the 1902 France Exposition, “Airplane Tower” in Japan, “Zeppelins” ride in 1960s Germany, and the “Rutschbahn” / “Dip the Dips” in Vergnugungs Park in Germany 1913). Laff in the Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten (a 1908 “Figure 8” near Niagara Falls, Asbury Park’s “Trip To The Clouds”, Nolan’s Point’s “Cyclone”, and the “Big Dipper” in New Orleans). Editor’s page. Image potpourri: the lost parks of Massachusetts. [Front cover: The Bobs at Coney Island. Back cover: The Bobs during its 1926 debut]. [visit NAPHA]