NAPHA223[Magazine Vol.38/No.1: 2016. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Silver Lake Park 1874–1917 (5 pages about the Ohio park). The Deluge – Herbert A. Bradwell/Electric Scenic Productions’ stage show at Coney Island New York (2 pages). Paragon Park’s treasures – other than coasters and carousels (2 pages featuring: Dragon Gondola, Klondike, Fun Factory, Johnstown Flood attraction, Old Mill, Witching Waves, Trip to the North Pole, Circle Swing, Virginia Reel, Frolic, Hey Dey, Whip, Lindy Loop, Caterpillar and the Flying Scooters). Looking back to 1906 (news). Haunting memories (photos: “Laff-In-The-Dark” at the 1939/40 New York World’s Fair, “Spook Town” at Chicago’s Riverview Park, a dark ride at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and “Crazy House” at Joyland Park in Kentucky). Farcical Frivolity (+“Famous Roller Coasters” postcard series from Allen & Ginters, Leave It To Beaver cast ‘ride’ the Cyclone Racer, etc.). International Amusements (photos: Hugo Haase coaster at Bad Durkheim in 1953, Ferris wheel in 1960s Moscow, a crude Ferris wheel in 1929 Palestine, and the Cyclone coaster at the Brussels Exposition of 1935). Laff in the Dark – night time photos. Roller coasters forgotten (photos from: Riverside Park in Iowa, Cotton Palace Exposition in Texas, Pine Lake in New York, and the South Dakota State Fair). Editor’s page − Tower of “Babble”. Bizarre Amusements (ride oddities). [Front cover: The Pike’s Peak Railway at Coney Island New York. Back cover: Coaster at Electric Park/Kinderhook Park in New York]. [visit NAPHA]