NAPHA214[Magazine Vol.36/No.4: 2014. 22x28cm – 20 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Lost parks of Jacksonville, Florida (5 pages: +Pablo Beach / Little Coney Island, Dixieland Amusement Park, The Florida Midwinter International Exposition, Ocean View Park, Reid’s Playland, and Riverview Park). John C. Allen: roller coaster designer. Flashback to 1984: roller coaster news from 30 years ago. Coney Island and Dreamland’s “The Submarine Boat” ride in 1904. Chicago Riverview Park’s “Flying Cars” ride. Haunting memories (photos: Keansburg’s “Maze Craze” in 1983, and Rocky Point Park’s “House of Horrors” in 1983). Roller coasters lost: +San Francisco’s Mid-Winter Exposition in 1894, the Bass Point Scenic Railway in 1911, and Roton Point’s Tango Dip in 1914. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: John A. Miller’s “The House That Jack Built” in an unknown location, an International Amusement Device roller coaster car, and a John A. Miller airplane circle swing and picnic pavilion. [Front cover: Dixieland Amusement Park in 1907. Back cover: Pippin coaster at Ocean View Park in Florida]. [visit NAPHA]