NAPHA095[Magazine Vol.16/No.5: 1994. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The Lakemont Park story 1894-1994…; Indiana’s Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo +their wooden carousel. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (R.E. Chambers Co. Midget Auto Racer). Chicago’s Kiddieland is 65-years-old. Opryland to build suspended coaster. Spotlight on Harry Guy Traver’s Tumble Bug ride 1926–. Flashback to 1984 (photos: The Great Escape’s Steamin’ Demon and Opryland’s The Screamin’ Delta Demon). TurnAround − members’ classified advertisements. Photos of ’94s attractions (including: Disney’s Tower of Terror, The Great Escape’s Comet trains manufacture, Michigan’s Adventure’s Zach’s Zoomer). “In The Feast of St. Edmund The King” book review. [Front cover: Lakemont Park’s Leap-the-Dips. Back cover: “Roly Poly” ride at The Great White City, London in 1912]. [visit NAPHA]