NAPHA009[Magazine Vol.2/No.3: May-June 1980. 22x28cm − 6 Pages − 2 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Kings Island Ohio the 1980 story: International Street, Oktoberfest, Wild Animal Safari, Coney Island, Rivertown, The Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera, Here’s what’s new. Carl Walker − the President of Walt Disney Productions − recalls Disneyland’s “Black Sunday” and the following 25-years. New parks news (Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto, Carousel Family Theme Park in Oshkosh Wisconsin, and Sesame Street-themed parks planned). Letters to the editor. Kings Island dismantles its sky ride. News updates / US parks’ news. Join NAPHA now. Please write / submissions request. Crossword answers from previous edition. [Back cover: Photo looking down the first drop of the “Beast” at Kings Island]. [visit NAPHA]