NAPHA064[Magazine Vol.11/No.4: 1989. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Southport Pleasureland is a classic English amusement park. Luna Park Melbourne is Australia’s golden charmer. Steeplechase Park and liability – how New York’s Coney Island of old handled injuries. Wonders of Life is EPCOT’s newest attraction to open in 1989. Cedar Point’s Blue Streak is 25-years-old! NAPHA survey update – send in your survey. Valleyfair! through the years and annual improvements. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NewsFlash − 16 news headlines and stories. Photo potpourri of old-time amusements (Four photos: 1940s view of “Sunnyside” in Toronto, Chicago’s Riverview Park “The Smallest Train in the World” in the 1900s, Budd Lake New Jersey Carousel in the 1940s, and Venice Pier California in 1920). [Front cover: Elevated view of Pleasureland Southport. Back cover: Steeplechase Park’s Ferris wheel where each car is named after a major U.S. city]. [visit NAPHA]