NAPHA054[Magazine Vol.9/No.6: 1987. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − 15 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Harlem Park memories. Disney utilidors − a report on the underground system at Walt Disney World. Mack confirms that their European portable Flying Turns operated in the 1950s. Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers − a golden era preserved. Cedar Point trivia − 26 fun facts. Columbian Park in Lafayette, Indiana. Historical Amusement Foundation (HAF) update – Idora Park’s roller coasters to be moved. Three antique carousels for sale (including: Jimmy Johnson’s Playland Park in Texas, and Bell’s Amusement Park in Oklahoma). TurnAround − members’ classified advertisements. NewsFlash − 22 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Europa-Park’s Bobsled. Back cover: Bugs Bunny reviews the construction of Six Flags Great America’s “Shock Wave” roller coaster]. [visit NAPHA]