NAPHA038[Magazine Vol.7/No.2: March-April 1985. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 17 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Steeplechase Ride at Pirate’s World in Florida. West End / Steeplechase Park in New York. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s modern Steeplechase ride. National Amusement Device oscillating roller coaster cars – bring them back. Petticoat Junction auction. Worlds of Fun’s Haunted Theatre. “Memories of the way we were at Steeplechase Park New York” (photos: Fire in 1908, “Uncle Sam” swinging ship in 1910, Old Mill in the 1940s, and the Flying Turns in 1943). Coney Island Cincinnati improvements. Boblo Island Corkscrew new for 1985. NAPHA conference 1985 report. Maine’s Bear Pond Park. Yesteryear / headlines from autumn 1935. Six Flags Great America’s Z Force facts. La Montana Rusa – Mexico City’s Giant Racer. Cedar Point’s new Avalanche Run bobsled. NewsFlash − 22 news headlines and stories. [Front cover: Grand National Steeplechase Ride at Pirate’s World in Florida during the 1970s. Back cover: Aerial view of Coney Island and boardwalk in 1957]. [visit NAPHA]