NAPHA036[Magazine Vol.6/No.6: November-December 1984. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 12 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Crystal Beach Carousel is auctioned. Six Flags Great America’s Intamin “Space Diver” is new for 1985. Spillman Hey-Day rides. Log flume at Funtown Pier at Seaside Park New Jersey. Ice slide at Palisades Park. “Memories of the way we were at Dorney Park +centenary celebrations” (photos of: Coaster entrance in 1911, Boating lake +coaster in 1912, ‘Alfundo’ entrance in the 1960s, and Rockets / Mill Chute / train / boats in the 1970s). Pennsylvania’s Bushkill Park 1902-1984…; Headlines from the winter of 1915. Purchase of Marriott’s Great America is deemed illegal. Members’ feedback. Dorney Park announces Wildwater Kingdom. Dayton Fun House Mfg. Co “Bicycle Ride.” NewsFlash − 28 news stories. [Front cover. Aerial view of Dorney Park. Back cover: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Beach and Cocoanut Grove]. [visit NAPHA]