NAPHA035[Magazine Vol.6/No.5: September-October 1984. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Montanha Russa – a Russian ice slide existing until the late 1930s +1984 is the year of the roller coaster. Minnesota State Fair’s several unique permanent rides +100th anniversary. Minnesota’s Como Park. Libertyland – a look at one of the South’s favourite parks. “Memories of the way we were at Ocean Park in California” (photos: The Grand Canyon third rail electric railway in 1911, Dragon Gorge in 1915, Crooked House walk-thru in 1916 and the High Boy roller coaster in 1936). Parks auctioned (+Hanson’s Park in Pennsylvania, Dispensa’s Kiddie Kingdom in Illinois, Idora Park in Ohio, etc.). Boblo Island Park sees attendance rise. Agawam Cyclone covered? Coney Island New York. Yesteryear / headlines from the fall of 1926. Cedar Point’s Avalanche Run new for 1985. NewsFlash − 21 news stories. [Front cover: Artist’s impression of Montanha Russa. Back cover: Six Flags Great Adventure’s “Bobsled”]. [visit NAPHA]