NAPHA032[Magazine Vol.6/No.2: March-April 1984. 22x28cm − 16 Pages − 14 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: La Marcus Adna Thompson − father of America’s roller coasters. Fire tragedy hits 90-year-old Idora Park in Ohio. Big Bad Wolf lurks at Busch Gardens the Old Country. Great America Illinois sold to Bally for $114.5m. King Cobra at Kings Island. “Memories of the way we were – La Marcus Adna Thompson’s Scenic Railways” (photos: Scenic Railway in Blackpool 1908, Electric Scenic Railway in New York 1909, Mountain Scenic Railway in Massachusetts 1910, and Dragon Gorge Scenic Railway in California 1913). The Dark Continent celebrates 25th anniversary. Disney for Europe. News from the spring of 1910. Amusement Park Club International at Dorney Park. NewsFlash − 42 headlines and stories. [Front cover: Switchback Railway at Coney Island in New York. Back cover: Artist’s impression of Busch Gardens’ Big Bad Wolf]. [visit NAPHA]