NAPHA003[Magazine Vol.1/No.3: May-June 1979. 22x28cm – 6 Pages – 5 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: White City Chicago – 63rd street and South Park Avenue 1903-1939. NAPHA trip report from Kings Island. NAPHA visits Americana in Ohio. Coaster facts / 15 US roller coasters +name, location, ride duration, track length, highest point, drop height and angle, top speed). Members’ input request. Six Flags Great Adventure’s Rolling Thunder. Richard Rodriguez’s 128-hour marathon on Hurricane at Circus World in Florida. Loch Ness Monster at The Old Country Busch Gardens. Wood or steel which are better? New members welcome. [Back cover: Photo of Loch Ness Monster’s interlocking loops at The Old Country Busch Gardens, in Williamsburg Virginia]. [visit NAPHA]