NAPHA029[Magazine Vol.5/No.5: September-October 1983. 22x28cm − 12 Pages − 16 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s White City 1905−. Darien Lake New York. Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition fairgrounds included in $300m renovation plans. Dorney Park fire (Bucket O Blood, Flying Bobs, Carousel, Cuddle-Up, etc. damaged or destroyed). Six Flags Great Adventure’s Parachuter’s Perch freefall ride adds to park’s appeal. “Memories of the way we were at White City Chicago” (photos: Fire show and Chute-the-Chutes in 1905, Ornate park entrance in 1910, Racer roller coaster in 1911, Chute’s pond, Devil’s Gorge and Racing Coaster in 1912). Bell’s Amusement Park 1951− +Phantasmagoria dark ride and the Zingo roller coaster. Hersheypark’s annual carousel fair held. NewsFlash − 25 news headlines and stories. News from January-March 1924. [Back cover: Darien Lake’s Viper negotiates the 360° vertical loop]. [visit NAPHA]