NAPHA025[Magazine Vol.5/No.1: January-February 1983. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 9 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A vanishing breed – England’s wooden roller coasters (Belle Vue “Bobs” -1970. Battersea “Big Dipper” -1972. Kursaal “Scenic Railway” and “Cyclone Racer,” Clacton “Steel Stella,” Barry Island “Scenic Railway,” Seaburn’s Ocean Park “Figure Eight” (all 1973). Onchan Head “Roller Coaster” -1974. Wonderland “New Dips,” Dreamland “Roller Coaster” (both 1975). Felixstowe “Thriller” -1976. Belle Vue “Scenic Railway” -1978. Coney Beach “Figure-Eight” -1982). The UK’s remaining wooden roller coasters list and details. New English parks? Alton Towers latest. “Memories of the way we were in England” (photos: Topsy Turvey in 1905, Hiram Maxim’s Flying Machine in 1906, Flip Flap in 1908, Wiggle Woggle in 1910). Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s owner, William Geoffrey Thompson, explains why their Virginia Reel was removed. New Indy Park! Yesteryear / news from January/February 1905. NewsFlash. [Back cover: Alton Towers’ map]. [visit NAPHA]