NAPHA024[Magazine Vol.4/No.6: November-December 1982. 22x28cm − 8 Pages − 9 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Coney Island New York lives on. Marine World’s expansion – Arrow/Huss roller coaster and other rides planned. AstroWorld’s SkyScreamer is opening soon. “Memories of the way we were at Coney Island New York” (photos: Tickler in 1911, Shoot-The-Chutes in 1912, Witching Waves in 1915, and Dragon Gorge in 1917). Rye Playland – Marriott’s contract won’t be renewed. Yesteryear / news from the spring of 1969. NewsFlash − 29 news stories (Bob-Lo Island’s financial woes, Olympic Park auctioned, More freefall rides imminent, 1982 Knoxville World’s Fair’s rides for sale, Funtown Park auctioned, etc.). [Back cover: Photos of AstroWorld’s “SkyScreamer” the 128ft/55mph freefall opening in April 1983]. [visit NAPHA]