NAPHA206[Magazine Vol.35/No.2: 2013. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Sans Souci Park 1899-1930s (a 5-page feature). 1913 news: Midland Beach in New York =Circle Swing collapse, Coney Island Ohio =fire, Woodside Park in Pennsylvania =roller coaster rebuilt, Palisades Park in New Jersey =roller coaster collision, etc. La Ronde in 1978. 4 aerial photos: Denmark’s Bakken and Tivoli Gardens, Japan’s Hanayashiki Park, and Sweden’s Gröna Lund. New York Coney Island retrospect (a 2-page feature). 1953’s parks’ and movie news. Haunting memories (photos: Fairyland Park in Missouri “Fun House” and “Godzilla’s Den” facades in 1989). Anniversary roller coasters. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1951 Long Island Carousel, John Miller’s reversible boat, and Vol.35/No.1 unidentified park was “Fairground Park”. [Front cover: 1950s movie posters. Back cover: Sans Souci’s Loop-de-Loop roller coaster and fountain]. [visit NAPHA]