NAPHA205[Magazine Vol.35/No.1: 2013. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Playland New York 1928-2013… (a 10-page feature). 1978’s Kennywood. 1913’s roller coasters (featuring: Euclid Beach Park in Ohio “Derby Racer,” Luna Park in West Virginia “Royal Giant Dips,” Colonial Park in Texas “Giant Dips,” Sandy Beach in Massachusetts “Cannon Ball,” Chilhowee Park in Tennessee “Figure Eight,” Redondo Beach in California “Lightning Racer,” Crescent Park in Rhode Island “Racing Coaster,” Idora Park in California “Race Thru The Clouds,” Easton Beach in Rhode Island “Scenic Railway”, and the “Scenic Coaster” at West End / Spanish Fort in Louisiana). Haunting memories of Arnolds Park’s Bug House. 1978’s roller coasters. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: 1927 sheltered rides scene in Peoria, Illinois (park unidentified), and a 1918 Cincinnati Zoo carousel horse. [Front cover: New York Playland’s Art Deco Music Tower in the 1930s. Back cover: Aerial view of New York Playland’s Dragon Coaster]. [visit NAPHA]