NAPHA020[Magazine Vol.4 /No.2: March-April 1982. 22x28cm − 12 Pages − 8 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Exposition Park in Illinois +the “Flyer” roller coaster. Knoxville World’s Fair of 1982. New Orleans World’s Fair (1984) President Ronald Reagan invites the world. Margate’s Dreamland Park follow-up +Bembom Company makes changes and Looping Star roller coaster planned. Kings Dominion’s “Grizzly” roller coaster is set for March 27th debut. Geoffrey Thompson purchases Magic Harbor in South Carolina. New park news – Calaway Park in Canada. World’s first total freefall ride opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain in May. Yesteryear / news from spring 1925. NAPHA conference 1982. New books: “Revere Beach” by Peter McCauley, “Sunnyside” by Mike Filey, and “Kennywood” by Charles J. Jacques Jr. NAPHA discounts. NewsFlash. Tom Kohout / NAPHA vice-president’s notes. NAPHA’s trips and 1982 show program. [Back cover: Exposition Park’s “Flyer” roller coaster]. [visit NAPHA]