NAPHA192[Magazine Vol.32/No.6: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Paris’ Jardin d’Acclimatation celebrates 150 years 1860-2010…; New York’s Wonder Wheel turns 90-years-old (a 4-page special including similar wheels). Amusement park news 1935: Central Park in Pennsylvania, Palisades Park in New Jersey, Savin Rock in Connecticut, and Sandy Beach Park in Ohio all suffer fires, etc.). NAPHA convention at Dollywood and Santa’s Land Fun Park +report. Haunting memories (photos: Casino Pier’s “Doorway to Hell” in 1983, and The Enchanted Forest’s “Safari” in 1981). International Miniature Railway Company feature. Thunderbolt roller coaster and Coney Island New York photo gallery. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device headquarters’ party, NAD Laugh Land walk-thru, and a NAD kiddie coaster in 1950). [Front cover: New York’s Wonder Wheel in the 1960s. Back cover: Coney Island in Stereo / sleeve art 1958]. [visit NAPHA]