NAPHA190[Magazine Vol.32/No.4: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: “Jungle” Coaster at the Guatemala National Fair in 1953. The Last Riverview Park Chutes’ boat. Joyland in Kansas. Chicago’s roller coasters a century ago: Forest Park, Riverview Park, and White City. Haunting memories (photos: New York World’s Fair and Salvador Dali’s “Dream of Venus” in 1939, and Chicago Railroad Fair’s “Haunted Fun House” in 1948/49). 1990 openings= Georgia Cyclone, Predator, Thunder Run, Texas Giant, and Iron Wolf. New York Steeplechase Park’s 1920s roller coasters (featuring: Mile High Chaser =1924, Thunderbolt =1925, Coaster/Zip =1925, Bobs =1926, and Limit =1926). NAPHA convention 1990. Teeter Coaster / Teeter Dip 1925-1990s… gone! Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: Maumee Kiddie Land in Ohio in 1951, and a National Amusement Device locomotive in 1952). [Front cover: Riverview Park’s Chutes. Back cover: Darien Lake’s Predator]. [visit NAPHA]