NAPHA183[Magazine Vol.31/No.3: 2009. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition 1909 and the Pay Streak amusement midway (a 5-page feature). The carousels of New York’s Forest Park. Upper Clements Amusement Park in Nova Scotia is 20-years-old. Morey’s Pier in New Jersey is 40-years-old. Ohio’s Americana Amusement Park revisited in 1979. The first suspended coaster? (Coney Island Aerial Coasting Swing Company and the 1891-patented Stephen Jackman’s Powered Gravity Railway). Seabreeze Park’s 1994 fire. Captain Paul Boyton’s Old Mill. Looking back at Tom Keefe’s 100 laps marathon on Circus World’s Roaring Tiger roller coaster. Haunting memories (photos: Bushkill Park’s “Haunted Castle” in 1983, and Mountain Park’s “Pirate’s Den” in 1983). [Front cover: Americana’s Screechin’ Eagle in 1979. Back cover: Photo of Americana’s midway taken from the Sky Ride in 1979]. [visit NAPHA]