NAPHA181[Magazine Vol.31/No.1: 2009. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Luna Park Paris 1909-1946 (a 6-page history +Le Scenic Railway, Les Rous Diaboliques “Kidney Coaster,” Flying Turns, Funhouse, Big Dipper, etc.). Parks’ anniversaries. Kings Island’s King Cobra is the first stand-up −1984. Living under Coney Island’s Thunderbolt − Mollie and Fred Moran. New roller coasters in 1949 (+Joyland’s Roller Coaster, West View Park’s Kiddie Dips, Venice Lake Park’s Little Dipper, Long Beach Pike’s Jr. Coaster, and Ponchartrain Beach’s Comet Jr. and Zephyr). Idora Park’s inferno of 1984. Haunting memories (photos: Angela Park’s Pretzel dark ride in the 1980s, and York’s Wild Kingdom’s “Jungle Safari” in 1983). [Front cover: Paris Luna-themed sheet music cover. Back cover: Arnolds Park’s Big Coaster and Tipsy House at night]. [visit NAPHA]