NAPHA178[Magazine Vol.30/No.4: 2008. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: New York’s Coney Island is the greatest plot of land in roller coaster history (a 7-page feature). Durrnberg Salt Mines is the world’s oldest walk-thru / dark ride (a 4-page feature). Avernus Wheel: the Avernus Wheel Limited’s Les Rous Diaboliques “Kidney Coaster” that operated at Luna Park Paris in 1909. Illions’ Stampede: a wheeled horse-themed ride. Pacific National Exhibition “Coaster” and Camden Park’s “Big Dipper” are both 50-years-old. The 1898 Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition in Omaha, Nebraska. 4 colour photos: Idora Park’s Wildcat, Paragon Park’s Giant Coaster, Crystal Beach Park’s Comet, and Geauga Lake Park’s Big Dipper. [Front cover: New York Coney Island’s “Cyclone” and “Comet” roller coasters in 1939. Back cover: New York Astroland’s “Dante’s Inferno” in 1984]. [visit NAPHA]