NAPHA177[Magazine Vol.30/No.3: 2008. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Aurel Vaszin’s Forest Park in Dayton, Ohio (a 4-page feature). Marineland in Canada: their “Dragon Mountain” roller coaster. “Chicago’s First Roller Coaster” a Chicago Daily Tribune article 30 September 1883. Looking back at Louisiana’s Ponchartrain Beach that closed 25 years ago. Roller coaster train roofs, canopies, hoods and cages. Flashback to 1968: Maryland’s Glen Echo Park, and Michigan’s Walled Lake Park both closed. New York’s Luna Park 100 years ago. Haunting memories (photos: Thumb Fun Park’s “The Haunted House” in 1987, and Bell’s Amusement Park’s “Phantasmagoria” in 1980). Amusement park face-themed entrances. Coastin’ through time to 1908’s roller coasters. Memories of Geauga Lake Park 1888-2007. [Front cover: Geauga Lake Park’s Big Dipper. Back cover: Geauga Lake Park’s Double Loop and Villain]. [visit NAPHA]