NAPHA176[Magazine Vol.30/No.2: 2008. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Long Beach California’s “Cyclone Racer” the world’s greatest ride 1930-1968. England’s Switchback Gravity Railway: Orchard Holme, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire 1889-1934. Virginia Reels and Henry Elmer Riehl’s “Reel” 1907-1981, etc… Flashback to 1978’s closures: Riverview Park in Iowa, Ocean View Amusement Park in Virginia, and Chippewa Lake Park in Ohio. Haunting memories (photos: Americana Amusement Park’s “Haunted House” in 1979, and Texas Playland Park’s “Transylvania Trolley” in 1980). Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island had roller coasters. Coastin’ through time (four roller coasters of 1908). Anniversaries: Idlewild in Pennsylvania =130, Playland in New York =80, Kennywood in Pennsylvania =110, Beech Bend Park in Kentucky =120-years-old. [Front cover: Revere Beach’s Virginia Reel in 1910. Back cover: Revere Beach’s new Virginia Reel in the 1940s]. [visit NAPHA]