NAPHA170[Magazine Vol.29/No.2: 2007. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Capitol Beach / Capital Beach Amusement Park in Lincoln, New England (a 5-page history). Flashback to 1982 (featuring: Canadian National Exhibition Racing Derby Carrousel, and the 1953 Flyer roller coaster). Haunting memories (photos: Miracle Strip’s “Old House” walk-thru in 1981, and Dandilion Park’s “Jungle Land” in the 1970s). New York Coney Island’s “Cyclone”, Kennywood’s “Racer”, Arnolds Park’s “Big Dipper/Legend” and Lake Compounce’s “Wildcat” are all 80-years-old! Fairground frolics: Edinburgh’s “The Hall of Laughter” in 1908, and Roller Coaster(?) at the Great Lakes Exposition Ohio in 1936-37. Kings Island in 1977. Fair Park in Nashville, Tennessee 1952-1987. International amusements: Belle Vue Manchester’s Bug and New Zealand Wonderland’s Figure 8 roller coaster. [Front cover: Capitol/Capital Beach’s midway. Back cover: Capitol/Capital Beach’s Jack Rabbit roller coaster]. [visit NAPHA]