NAPHA NEWS 167/168.

NAPHA167-168[Magazine Vol.28/No.5&6: 2006. 22x28cm − 40 Pages − Colour cover, many B&W photos]. Pennsylvania’s Knoebels Amusement Resort has built an updated version of the Flying Turns, this traditional attraction that has been absent for over 30 years. What is the story behind the ride? Where did this type of ride come from? Who originally built it? Find the answers inside. Features Flying Turns at: Lakeside Park in Ohio. Euclid Beach Park in Ohio. Rocky Point in Rhode Island. Century of Progress World’s Fair in Chicago. Forest Park Highlands in St. Louis. Steeplechase Park in New York. Luna Park in Paris. Brussels International Exposition in Belgium. Prater Park in Austria. Riverview Park in Chicago, Illinois. Bakken in Denmark. Sandy Beach Park in Ohio. Unknown Flying Turns in Germany. Palisades Park in New Jersey. New York World’s Fair. Unknown Flying Turns in Argentina. Fyn’s Tivoli in Denmark… and Knoebels! [Front cover: Steeplechase Park’s Flying Turns. Back cover: Riverview Park’s Flying Turns]. [visit NAPHA]