NAPHA165[Magazine Vol.28/No.3: 2006. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Pennsylvania’s Willow Grove Park. Haunting memories (photos: Ponchartrain Beach’s “Haunted House” in the 1970s, and La Ronde’s “Witch Mill” in the 1970s). Libertyland in Memphis Tennessee. Fairground frolics: London’s Franco-British Exhibition’s “Flip Flap” platform in 1908, and Spain’s Regional Valencia Exposition’s “La Glissoire Roulant” toboggan slide in 1909. Rye Playland’s Kiddyland 1940. Vienna’s Prater Park is 240-years-old. Flashback to 1981: Kings Island’s Bat, and Edgewater Park’s Soul Train / Big Beast roller coaster. International amusements: Cleethorpes’ Switchback Railway in 1906, Hanshin Amusement Park Japan in the 1950s, and Casino de la Rabassada in Barcelona in 1915. Coney Island and L.A. Thompson’s Dragon’s Gorge. Carousel centenaries. 1906′s roller coasters. Bell’s Zingo roller coaster. [Front and back covers: Willow Grove Park’s Mountain Scenic Railway]. [visit NAPHA]